All testimonials are actual excerpted letters from parents and students at John Robert Powers New England (Boston).

My name is Sydney Cooke and I’m 9 years old. I first came to JRP after winning the 2011 National American Miss Massachusetts Jr. Preteen title. Part of my prize package was a scholarship to JRP and because I’ve been interested in acting for a while, my mom said I could give it a try. I went to the audition, and even with all my experience as a dancer, competitive ice skater and pageant girl, I have to admit I was a bit nervous. I did my best cause I really wanted to do this so I was super excited to get a call back. My first class was in Jan of 2012 so I can’t believe that after only 3 months of class I won student of the month! I love the acting classes at JRP because they have really nice teachers, I’ve learned a lot of acting skills, and unlike school, the tests are really fun! In Ed’s sitcom class I really enjoy doing silly videos. I learned so much from seeing myself on camera. I’ve gained many new acting skills, like performing monologue, and how to seem real and not too dramatic. I can be soooo DRAMATIC sometimes! Loved doing the photo shoot for my headshot, it was so much fun feeling like a model and now I have a great headshot! Most importantly JRP has helped me feel very prepared for auditions. So much so I got great comments at my first audition with a BMG talent agent here at JRP. I love taking classes at JRP, they are the best! I look forward to doing more classes to help me reach my acting goals.

Sydney Cooke’s mom testimonial: Sydney Cook is my 9 year old daughter and we came to JRP after she won the 2011 National American Miss Massachusetts Jr. Preteen title. My little drama queen had won a partial scholarship to JRP and she’d been asking for acting classes for a while, so we thought we’d take advantage of it. I knew JRP was legit because I personally know Jenna Fiore (JRP 2012 student of the Year) and saw what JRP had done for her. When Sydney and I attended the JRP audition she was so nervous, she was not herself. I told her don’t be nervous just show them how you are at pageants. She went back in and showed them what she could do. I was not surprised to get the call back but happy she did. Sydney is a very busy young girl with dance, competitive ice skating and pageants, so we had to wait a few months to put JRP in our schedule. So this Jan she began two classes and now, to my surprise after only 10 weeks of class she has earned Student of the Month! In the pageant and acting world there are a lot of parents that want their kids to be stars right now. In my view, I want my child to build skills and have opportunities and mostly important, to know the business, so over time my child will have a career. What I love about JRP is that they are teaching my daughter acting skills and giving her opportunities to reach her goals. We are a family of 5 with two busy elementary school age children and a toddler, so going head first into acting with getting our daughter on Disney channel next year is not our goal. We plan to continue with classes at JRP and take advantage of the opportunities to aid our daughter to future success. From a parent that is an ice skating coach, knows nothing about acting and is very type A when it comes to my kids success, I feel that JRP is what we needed to get started in the acting business. JRP is very professional and I feel so comfortable asking any question. I do have a lot of questions and they always get back to me ASAP. I can’t count the times I’ve emailed Sasha over the last 3 months and she always responds so fast. I also love how Sasha has taught me to set up Sydney’s resume and headshot. We’ve only done a couple auditions, but already I feel like we are pros with her resume, headshot and confidence. I owe that all to JRP. Most important I love that JRP give us audition info and we can chose how much we want to get involved into this. I know that making a star is a long committed process and JRP is a great part of that process. I also feel that JRP never pressures you to do more then what you want and that works great for us. I’m sure we’ll be coming to JRP for years to come so Sydney can continue to build and work on her acting skills in hopes to become a working professional in the future. Thank you so much JRP for recognizing Sydney’s talent and honoring her as your 2012 March Student of the Month. Stephanie Cooke, Sydney’s mom

Last summer when I registered to take an acting class with JRP, I was a bit apprehensive because I didn’t know what to expect. I was also nervous about meeting my teacher and fellow students. The first day I walked into class, I was immediately welcomed in with a big smile from the teacher and students and all my previous fears were completely erased. My teacher David Letendre was amazing. He was interactive and energetic bringing life to his every word. He taught us the basics of Acting and how to make our characters come to life. After JRP a lot more doors have been opened and I have gained a lot of knowledge about acting, casting, and preparation for the acting industry. Thanks to JRP I see a potential future in the entertainment industry.Sincerely,Jessica Achebe

“I had always been interested in acting but never knew where to start so I just decided to put it to the side. All of my friends and family used to tell me that I would be a good actor because I am so funny and a very sociable person. Also, my brother and I used to always talk about how fun it seems to be on the set of a movie and do a sitcom. One day in the summer, my friend and I were talking about acting and she told me about John Robert Powers. I made the phone call and scheduled an audition on July 30th. After a very successful audition, I started my first two classes on August 6th and my life has changed since then. The teachers and staff members at JRP are absolutely fantastic and they are supporters 100% of the way. The advice they give is so influential and they are really trying to help everyone reach their highest potential. So far I completed TV Commercial class and Film Acting Techniques class. Both of those classes were extremely fun and I really learned the fundamentals about acting and how to perfect my craft. During my first few weeks at JRP, I auditioned for IPOP and I got in!!!!! I’m going to IPOP in July 2012 to perform in front of many agents/directors and to hopefully be successful one day. Currently, I am in a monologue class with Ed and it’s one of my favorite classes. He pushes us to the limit and makes us work really hard but we’re going to benefit from it in the future. I must say that I love JRP and if I am successful one day, I will know who helped me in my steps to get there. ” Leon Clark.

“When Leon told me he wanted to do acting, I was a little confused because it was kind of random because I always wanted him to be a doctor when he got older. However, I know its Leon’s life so I let him lead the way. I brought him to audition for JRP and he got in. I was excited for him because his dreams were coming true. He then got into IPOP and we’re going to Los Angeles in July so he can perform in front of many people. I’m very proud of Leon because he is serious about what he wants to do and isn’t just wasting time. All his teachers at JRP told me about how great of an actor he is and how he has potential to be the greatest. I support him all the way and I wish him the best of luck and I want to thank JRP for continuing to help him achieve his goals.” Leon’s dad

Hi my name is Andreia Rowlands and I am 17 years old. I have been coming to JRP since July of 2011.Like any student here , my first time auditioning was nerve wrecking but I managed to break through. As a kid I’ve always changed my mind on what I wanted to be when I grow up. One thing that never changed was my dream to be on TV. Getting accepted into JRP helped me sooo much! I learned to slow my speech when performing. I had such a big problem with that! I learned so many new techniques to better my acting skills. I even learned that motivation and determination is what I need to strive for if I wanted to be a serious actress. Eventually coming to JRP became like a second family; meeting new friends and becoming close with teachers. I had instructors who made class fun and others who really challenged and pushed me as an actor. I’m not as nervous as I used to be because after coming to JRP its like a daily routine almost to get up and perform in front of the class. Acting is my life and I’m aiming high to reach my goals in life. My plans for college are one step closer now that I am a student here. I’ve been in plays and musicals at school and this year I’m in the musical GREASE playing the character Rizzo. Now I know what pushing myself as an actor gets me because it payed off in the end since I am student of the month !I give a big thanks to the staff and friends I’ve made here who support me at JRP. I’m willing to aim further. I promise everyone that.

It began with an advertisement on the radio…Our 9 year old daughter dialed the number and someone actually answered…She threw the phone to me and said “MOMMY…TALK TO THEM!!” I didn’t even know who it was. I quickly found out it was the John Robert Powers School for modeling and acting. Thinking it was a scam, we figured we would pacify our daughter and at least set up the audition. That was the best move we could ever have made. From that moment, our lives have changed…we have entered another facet of the world in partnership with a tremendous company. From the first general meeting at JRP, we were not only impressed with the facility, but also gained an immediate sense of trust. The more information we gathered and the more staff we met, the more comfortable we became.

After getting accepted into the school, my daughter was asked to audition for the IPOP convention. For 6 months, JRP took Jenna under their wings and taught her how to walk, talk and dress. Moreover, we witnessed how committed they were to each and every student and parent alike. From acting seminars to countless practice model walks to details on the photo shoot outfits (right down to what laces to wear), their attention to detail was amazing. For any parents of a pre-teen child, you will understand…anything Stephanie said, Jenna would agree…which took a huge curse off of us. What a relief!! All of their efforts paid off. Jenna won an award for every contest she entered and she also received numerous callbacks. It was something to see that the Boston team had a 100% success rate as every one of the students received callbacks. JRP Boston even received school of the year! Their instructions were immeasurable when it came time to actually meet the agents. During the hustle and bustle of open calls and meetings with agents, I felt very prepared. Other parents were rushing to order more photos at local pharmacies and didn’t even know how to staple the resume correctly. None of these details were overlooked. It made what could have been a very stressful week extremely gratifying. We were proud to be part of the Boston team.

The assistance didn’t stop there. The staff continues to help us through callbacks and auditions. Jenna has currently joined the Masters Program at JRP. She cannot get enough. Every teacher/coach she meets, she loves. She is continuing to learn everything possible about the entertainment industry and it is just the beginning of such an exciting journey. As parents of a young girl in a crazy world, we are confident putting faith in the powers that be at JRP.

Barbara, Arlene and Stephanie…we can’t thank you enough. As for the rest of the JRP staff, we feel like you have allowed us to become part of the family and look forward to more and more…


Jim and Tricia Fiore
Parents of Jenna Fiore

Hi! My name is Jenna Fiore and I am 9 years old. I have been coming to John Robert Powers since August of 2010. I got accepted into the school after getting through the first audition and then I auditioned for IPOP and YEAH…I made the team. This experience was incredible. Something I will never, ever forget. Everyone at JRP was so welcoming to me. I had no experience whatsoever. They taught me so much. They even taught me how to walk…I lost count of how many times I practiced my model walk in the hallways of JRP. When I needed extra help on my monologues and commercials, they were there for me. When it came time for photos, I was not too thrilled with the outfits they picked out for me, but guess what? I got awards for it all!!! Every bit of it paid off. I received twelve awards at IPOP and got a bunch of callbacks that they are helping me work through even now. Even though I was successful in getting callbacks and awards from IPOP, all of the agents said that the learning is never ending. So, I signed up for the Master’s Program because I just can’t get enough. I feel like I have another family with all of the coaches and staff at JRP.

Jenna Fiore

We cannot believe that after six months of attending classes at JRP Boston that our five year old daughter, Alexa, is as excited today, if not more, about spending just about every weekend at JRP. It truly has been fun for her and wonderful for us to watch her level of excitement and overall development. Alexa has learned certain aspects of the entertainment industry but she also has learned skills that she will be able to utilize throughout her life. The staff at JRP as well as all of the other students and parents we have gotten to know over the months have been wonderful and are referred to, by Alexa, as her “Boston Family”. This, we think, says it all. We continue to appreciate all of the guidance and support we have received from everyone and we look forward to any new experiences that may come our way!


Richard & Kerry Latour
Parents of Alexa Latour
” !

A mere three years ago I was that girl who hardly spoke a word and was too afraid to even approach somebody new or take any risks whatsoever. I had always been that way since I was a small child but have always wanted to change. In January of 2009, my parents found John Robert Powers and scheduled me for an audition without me even knowing- I was anxious and a bit scared, quite frankly, but I soon found out there was absolutely no need to be. After a successful audition and signing up for a few classes I gradually felt like I was truly starting to fit in somewhere. I have loved acting since I was very young, but never had the courage to pursue anything die to my shyness; however, at John Robert Powers, I wasn’t the only one who was timid at first. I slowly began to warm up to my classmates, the wonderful coaches, and along the way I found a new passion. I have been given the opportunity to work with such fabulous and dedicated people over the years, and because of that I am content with where I am now. I have become more confident than I thought I ever would be, I’m less afraid to take risks, and I’ve realized that acting is something that I want to do for the rest of my life. Every coach I have had has taught me somthing new and has helped me grow as an actor. I’ve made life-long friends at John robert Powers, friends who share my iterests and are genuinely great people. The expirience I have had John Robert Powers has not only been fulfilling, but also life-changing.” Monica Todros

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the JRP Boston staff for choosing my son Stephen as student of the month for November ’08. This is absolutely a great honor!

Since he was three years old, Stephen has had excellent memorization skills, and he would act out skits from cartoons and comedies with great precision! We still call him our “little Jim Carrey”. Up until he was 7 years old we lived in southwest Virginia, where he worked in two fashion shows at a local mall, and appeared in a commercial for a golf course. He was such a “ham”, and absolutely loved it! Since relocating to Massachusetts in 2004 we discovered Stephen had a health issue which we are continuing to work out today. The staff and instructors at JRP have done an amazing job of helping Stephen keep up his self-confidence, self-esteem and good attitude, while at the same time honing his natural acting talent, and increasing his love for comedic acting. I am so grateful for the staff being very flexible, and willing to work with Stephen in all areas of his development, and we are so proud of how far he has come!

Since coming to JRP, Stephen has been a finalist in the Baystate Parent Magazine’s cover model search and has modeled for Houghton Mifflin Publisher’s. In addition he has recorded a voice over for a radio commercial for the Mass. Teacher’s Association, and is currently booked as an extra for a scene in Mel Gibson’s movie “Edge of Darkness”. He has also gained much experience and exposure from the many auditions JRP has provided. We are so very proud of our son and his accomplishments both in acting and in life. Thank you again, and we look forward to many more years of success with John Robert Powers!


Polly & David Houchins
Parents of Stephen Houchins
JRP Boston Elite Student

I want to thank everyone in Boston who has believed in my son. Since the first day he started classes I started to see my son’s attitude improve and I started to see him happier to get up every Saturday and commit to something that I believe is not easy to attain. Before my son was with John Robert Powers he, to say the truth, was rough around the edges. He would not get along with a lot of people and just single himself out from everyone. John Robert Powers has made Elijah feel more confident about his work and skills and that he should embrace who he is inside, and that is something people all around the world want to feel. Elijah plans on revolving his future plans around acting and entertainment. Elijah also knows that this business is difficult and uneasy but he is ready to take on that responsibility. I always tell Elijah that he should watch who he talks to because a lot of people will stab him in the back for example for an audition or a simple fact that he got an audition, but he tells me, ma don’t worry I know who is real and who is false. I want to thank everyone for making Elijah’s first year at JRP an amazing ride for him and he looks forward for the next couple of years of being with JRP. Elijah plans to be an inspiration for everyone. He plans to prove people that it doesn’t matter what you look like, what you wear, or where you’re from but who you are and how you come across to others. He also plans to be a lifetime channel actor not a huge movie star like many want to be because to him that’s all fake and not real and that people who are on magazines for doing stupid actions are only doing those because they feel that they need more attention. I have no doubt in my mind that Elijah will succeed his dream because he is a very strong minded person and with the help of John Robert Powers behind him, he can achieve any goal he sets his mind too. Thank you for making, Elijah, March student of the month and I’m thanking John Robert Powers for making my son into the best son I could ask for.


Maria Fatima Vicente
Mother of Elijah Vicente
JRP Boston Elite Student

I would like to express my sincere thanks to you for polishing my little diamond in the rough; our son Brandon Bailey. Over the past 15 months, Brandon has accomplished so much from attending classes, training, and being under your guidance. He has had jobs at Six Flags, Little Kid Toy, Baystate Magazine, Nickelodeon, Houghton, Mifflin, Family Fun Magazine…to name a few. I am delighted with his progress and growth. He is more confident and focused, with a drive to always do his best. My husband and I are thrilled to see him excited and working diligently and voluntarily as JRP has made Brandon’s interest peak to new heights. Kudos to all the staff at JRP. Thank you again. We are proud parents basking in the sun.

Marissa Bailey
Mother of Brandon Bailey
JRP Boston Elite Student

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you; for choosing my daughter as Student of the Month. JRP has given Olivia many possibilities to be successful in any career she choose. She has gained the knowledge, friendship, success, and most importantly self-confidence to excel in life.

I am also, thankful for your truly AMAZING instructors at JRP. They have encouraged my daughter to be the best she can be with the utmost confidence. They have widened her eyes to many more possibilities in the industry. I’m grateful to have found a school with such grace and professionalism. I am proud to say that my daughter was trained at your school.

Since Olivia started JRP, she has worked in a lot of fashion shows and has been in many independent films. This past summer, she had a first lead role in a film festival. She wrote, co-directed and acted in her commercial for a contest. At the present time, she is working on a couple of projects, one as a lead role and the other as a supporting role.

In the last year, I have watched Olivia grow into a brighter young lady. I feel she is more confident and more prepared for life challenges. She was always my shining star, and is now shining more than ever. She is now ready to work as an exceptional actress with the help of your company.

In addition to above, I have also gained the knowledge in the industry and gained confidence to manage my daughter’s career.

Any parent reading this, I feel John Robert Powers helped us more than we expected. If your child has a dream with many goals, JRP will help your child achieve their dreams and help guide you to their success.

Now, that John Robert Powers have provided my daughter with many opportunities in life, she is now on her way to success. We are proud of being part of your family.

Sandra Hickey
Mother of Olivia Hickey
JRP Boston Elite Student

I joined JRP because; I was searching for self –confidence and reassurance. The first day I was nervous and shy, but at the same time, I wanted to perform like the other actors. With in the first few months, I was comfortable and already felt part of the family at JRP. My instructors made me feel confident enough to act in front of everyone at anytime. I started out feeling like an outsider, but with the positive reinforcement in all my classes, I felt prepared to perform at any time. When reading books or watching movies, I can get more involved with character. I love drama and comedy scenes! I can truly be myself at John Robert Powers and never get the feeling of being judged. I learned a lot more than I expected. I made a lot of good friends-actors who I also call my family. Everyone at JRP is the GREATEST!

In the last year and with the help of my instructors, I have already written my very first commercial and have done many independent films. I’m now reading and writing a lot more since I started. I’m now writing my first screenplay. I’m working very hard and will continue to work on my dreams of becoming a professional actor. My leaned a lot in many ways and I’m still growing with the family today.

~Remember it’s not the destination it’s the journey~


*Olivia R. Hickey*

JRP is AWESOME!!! I am so elated that I was picked out of all the students at JRP to be the Student of the Month! Joining JRP is the best decision I ever made!

Auditions are opportunities waiting to happen & I’m so glad that I have the chance to be a famous & professional actor, & it’s all thanks to JRP that I have that opportunity.

My favorite class is the Soap & Sitcom class. You get to play fun acting games that improve improvisation skills.

The Voice & diction class helped me learn to articulate (which I desperately needed) & got me interested in learning foreign accents & dialects which will wow talent agents at auditions!

So you can see, there are lots of fun classes here at JRP, & the instructors and staff will help you to reach your dreams!

Stephen W. Houchins

My daughter Anh Huynh has become such a well rounded person after attending JRP. She has gained her self confidence and overcome her shyness. I would like to thank everyone for their support. I am so thankful you guys have given her an opportunity to be a part of John Robert Powers. She has come such a long way from when she started. To see her be able to follow her dreams and see her smile is great. For her to overcome all the struggles in her journey is tremendous. All the teachers at JRP have taught her not only things she can learn for the industry but things she can refer to in life. Thank you everyone.


Tuyet Huynh
Mother Of Anh Huynh
JRP Boston Elite Student

Thank you for choosing me to be student of the month in January and giving me opportunities I never thought was possible. John Robert Powers has given me a chance to pursue my dreams and I like to thank every staff member there. I have learned to never give up even when times are hard, to have confidence in myself. John Robert Powers has become my home and the people there are my family. I hope everyone that attends JRP well experience all the joy and love that is there. I have realized that in this industry it is though but if you keep your head up one day it will become your time to shine. If this is truly your dream NEVER give up even when there are bumps in the road. I am extremely happy and proud to say that I am a student at John Robert Powers. I have got to attend IPOP and it was an amazing experience. I have grown so much ever since I started attending JRP. Thank you all the staff and friends I have here. Thank Arlene for giving me a chance to do what I love and a opportunity I will never forget. One day it will be my time to shine. :]


Anh Huynh

I want to thank everyone at JRP who has helped me through my rough times, my hardship and especially those who take full responsibility of my well being. When I started at JRP last year in April, I was very withdrawn and silent, which is hard to believe now, and I didn’t really commune or mingle with any other students. As time progressed the teachers started picking on me to carry out improve games and that’s what I think opened me up. Many of the participating students at JRP started to notice how humorous and kind I actually was. Through my time at JRP I’ve met some of the best people I will never forget. Some of my closest friends now were there in the beginning had no clue or slight thought of who I was and now I’m their best friend. Most of all I want to thank the staff of JRP. I want to thank Arlene for believing in me and she showed me how much she really cares for every single student at JRP. Through JRP I have learned not only to act as another person but to be another person. I have learned whats the right reactions in a scene and which the bad ways to react are. My favorite class at JRP would have to be Cheryl’s Intro to TV & film class because it puts you in that scenario of a professional actor’s everyday at work. You have to audition for the role you want in the film and if you get the role you HAVE to have your lines MEMORIZED and you have to be ON TIME. The final thing I have to thank JRP for is accepting me as part of the JRP family. Each staff member there plays a huge part of what JRP Boston is. So I would like to thank Arlene, Barbara, Vien, Kristina, Chuck, Nakia, Sean, and Bryan for everything each one has done for me. If someone asked me if I would recommend John Robert Powers to anyone, my answer would be “I not only recommend it, but I believe every actor needs John Robert Powers as a guide’ so basically, “Yea, I recommend it!”


Elijah Silvino Vicente

I want to thank you so much for everything! It’s truly because of John Robert Powers that I have had so much success within this industry and how I have developed as an actress!

You have given me the tools and fundamentals to succeed throughout life. I also want to thank Ed Crane, the main source of my success, for motivating and keeping me on task. It means a lot to be the student of the month!

This fall I will be attending Adelphi University – the Conservatory for the Performing Arts in New York City. Three hundred and fifty people auditioned and only thirty were picked for the incoming freshman class.

So thank you JRP for not only believing in me, but giving me this amazing opportunity! I couldn’t have done it without you!


Lauren M. Callen

I love my Boston school! It is so much fun and I have a lot of friends there – children and grown-ups! I have really enjoyed taking classes at JRP because I like to perform my commercials and monologues in front of everyone. I especially liked doing hair and make-up in my Life Skills class. I ask my mom every day if we are going to Boston because I wish that I could go to JRP every day!


Alexa Latour
April 2010 Student of the Month

We want to thank you for helping our daughter, Lauren, make her dream a reality. Because of JRP, Lauren has developed her passion and talent for acting to the next level.

This was proven over and over again when she successfully auditioned for many quality universities against hundreds of students for just a few slots in their Theater Arts programs. This gave Lauren a wide selection of universities to choose from.

Not only is Lauren happy, but she is a self-confident, talented, and beautiful young lady as a result.


Mr. & Mrs. Callen
Parents of Lauren Callen

I want to tell you all how excited both my husband and I are to hear that Angela was chosen to student of the month. It shows that all her hard work can go a long way. And it is not only recognized by us and her family but you as well. Since Angela has been attending JRP Boston that is all she ever talks about and wants to work for. We cannot even begin to tell you how you have helped our daughter. Angela in the past has gone through many things and we have not seen her happier since her days began with you at JRP. Not only giving her the opportunity to attend classes at your school, but when she auditioned for iPOP! and made that too. We are behind her every step of the way and feel safe and happy to know that you all are too!

Every single time Angela comes home from her day in Boston she always has something she is excited to tell us about! JRP is like a second family to her, is what she has said over and over again. We know that she will continue to grow as a person and a performer with the help from all of you. We couldn’t ask for anything more everyone at JRP doesn’t just treat Angela as one of the students. But as an individual and makes everything personal for her needs. Again we thank you with all of our heats for everything you have done and continue to do for your daughter. Student of the month is a big privilege and thank you for recognizing Angela for that and everything she does.


Mr. & Mrs. Machado
Parents Of Angela Machado

We, Antonio and Maria (aka Fatima) Areias, parents of Lucas Joseph Areias would like to share with you our thoughts about our experience with this school and at the same time express our sincere thanks to all the staff at John Robert Powers of Boston for all your support to our son, Lucas. Since May 2010, Lucas has been attending your school and has acquired awesome skills to improve his acting ability. Thank you also for your hard work in assisting him in achieving one of his goals which was to attend iPOP! Attending iPOP! was a joy and a privilege and it was also a life time experience. We know that through hard work and dedication, Lucas will one day fulfill his dream of becoming an actor. We never knew that our son had such a dream until you made it possible by inviting him to come and audition one fine day. From that day, he attended three workshops and most recently, was given the opportunity to attend iPOP! in Los Angeles, California.

To us, John Robert Powers of Boston is a legitimate, professional and high quality school. Even though it is a school and a business, you and your staff treat everyone that comes through your doors with the same fairness. If anyone has a talent, you find it, bring it out and nourish it until it is fully developed.

The first day my husband and I came to your school with our son, Lucas, we were greeted with a smile and treated with respect. From the first moment we felt that this was a real business. One of the things that caught our attention was when its president, Arlene, spoke to all of us, parents, during orientation. She made a statement that stayed with Tony and I; she spoke with boldness and firmness but at the same time with gentleness. She said that even though we as parents felt that our children have it, unless she felt it and saw it she would not give us false hope. She also said that she would only sign up or take in students she felt has a gift and would one day fulfill it. It would be the reputation of her school and her own reputation that would be at stake. She would not allow us to waste our money and her time to pursue a profession or dream that was not there. These very few words were enough to us to see that we were dealing with a legitimate business in a huge industry.

We’ve had to travel hours back and forth week after week for a few months. Spent quite a bit of money even through these hard times, but let me tell you, it has not been easy. We love everyone at John Robert Powers and we trust your suggestions and advices. We know that you are looking out for our son and that you love him as much as he loves all of you.

We look forward to continuing a long term professional and family relationship with you. Besides all your professionalism with all students and future celebrities, you and all your staff demonstrate a compassion for the students themselves and that cannot and should not be ignored.

On a personal note, I, Fatima, who’ve had the most dealings with all the staff at John Robert Powers, can really tell you how you cannot help but fall in love with the school. I personally want to thank Arlene, Barbara and Stephanie most of all. They are women of integrity. These women are there for all the students whether children or adults and their families. I have at times, given them a bit of a hard time but with all professionalism and respect they always treated me with love. So, I do see this relationship being long term. I fully trust them as individuals and you should too.

We would highly recommend to anyone to give your school a chance and also to know that any child or adult that comes to John Robert Powers will be given your total attention and will be treated with love, compassion and professionalism. John Robert Powers of Boston is a high quality school, who makes dreams come true through lots of hard, hard work.

The Areias Family
Antonio & Maria Areias
Parents of Lucas Areias

Mike and I would like to thank John Robert Powers for accepting Felicia into the program. Felicia came to JRP as a young teenager with little self esteem and confidence. But thanks to the Life skills class and all the other classes that she has taken, she has improved her confidence greatly and we are pleased with all Felicia has accomplished. Mike and I have watched Felicia become a young lady. We thank everyone one at JRP from the bottom of our hearts and are very grateful for everything you have taught Felicia. Thank you Arlene, Chuck, Christina, Stephanie, and all of teachers here at John Robert Powers for impacting Felicia’s life in a wonderful way. We are looking forward to moving on towards the next level with her acting! She has the tools to succeed with being a student here at JRP. Thank you.


Mike and Mary Flanagan
Parents of Felicia Flanagan